Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This week's lesson at Scripture Scrappers is on JOY. And what a topic I needed to reflect on!!

We shouldn't only rejoice in the Lord when things are going our way. We should praise the Lord even in when times are tough. Doing so will bring more joy into our lives. I tend to keep a positive attitude about things and be joyful in all that I do, but I have been struggling lately to be my normal self.

A great moment of joy for me this week was on Monday night when my dance classes received their costumes. The looks on the girls' faces were priceless. They LOVED their costumes and looked beautiful wearing them. To see their happiness really made me smile. I was responsible for the joy that these girl's had. ME! (They also said "Miss Rachel, you have really good taste!"--- I loved hearing that!)

I created this layout for this week's topic. A place that brings me great joy is St. Paul's. I love the Labyrinth and have many peaceful and joyful memories there.

God is good!


Stacey Michaud said...

I love how strong your faith is and how you choose to scrap about it! Beautiful!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what a beautiful reminder.. TFS!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi RachH!! I added you to my Google Reader so I don't miss a post!! :-) I just read the incredibly awesome news at SBS -- I'm so excited to see what you will be sharing!! Blessings and Hugs!!