Monday, March 16, 2009

2 months down, 10 to go!!!

For my 24th birthday I set 25 goals for myself. Since it is the 16th of March I thought I would update on my progress...

1-Train for and finish a 5k race. - I'm working on this. Getting in shape is HARD work!

2-Learn to sew.   Haven't started...

3-Learn to enjoy sewing.   Ditto....

4-Be fiscally responsible and save money.  - I'm doing pretty well, but I want to keep it up

5-Cook at least two meals a month for my family. - I've cooked a couple times for my 
family/friends, but I need to cook more often.

6-Make a piece of wall art (Supplies).  Haven't done this yet...

7-Take at least 6 classes towards my masters degree.  - I'm taking 2 now, hopefully 3 this summer and 4 in the fall. Hopefully I will meet this goal!

8-Re-learn to play the piano. - I don't know that this one will happen...

9-Practice reading music. - I'm practicing more at choir of trying to sight sing. I need way more 

10-Visit friends more often.  I need to find/make more time for this one...

11-Keep my closet and drawers organized.  - I'm not doing so well with my organization. :(

12-Write more Thank You notes.  - I've been doing a good job with being thankful.

13-Use my YMCA membership.  - I've going at least once a week, which is great considering my 

14-Finish every scrapbook that I start. - I think I will modify this goal...I have new scrap related goals!

15-Give handmade cards for all birthdays, holidays, etc.   I'm doing very well with this.

16-Recycle more. (Which includes convincing my grandparents to recycle their stuff too!) -Needs more attention!!

17-Drink more water.  I'm doing well and carrying water everywhere!!

18-Hike several sections of the Appalachian Trail. I'm going to wait until it is a touch warmer!

19-Go see the gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn.  I have to wait until November/December

20-Go whitewater rafting at least once.  Summertime goal!!

21-Let my hair grow out.  So far, so good...

22-Practice Pilates basic mat at least three times per week.  Needs work!

23-Plan a trip out of the country.  This may have to wait...

24-Plan an awesome 25th birthday bash.  No plans yet!

25-Be creative everyday.  I think I'm doing alright here!!

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