Monday, February 7, 2011

Simple Projects: February

The Simple Scrapper February Simple Pages/Simple Projects are up!!! You can find them here.

The simple project is a mini tag book with illustrated project instructions. This project was super fun and easy and I LOVE the way it turned out. I didn't even have to do the journaling. I've done top tens lists of many things- places I want to visit, reasons I love Ryan, etc. I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to make a list about, but I had the idea to ask Ryan for 10 reasons why he loves me. His list was wonderful and he even wrote each one on a journaling block I had made!

This project is now a wonderful reminder of why I love Ry just as much as he loves me. Which is a lot.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You and Me

My internship is going really well- I love the kids! However, I'm often exhausted at the end of the day. This weekend I finally managed to squeeze in some crafty time and created this album to display at my LSS.

I love this Echo Park line with the Kaiser Craft album- everything just fit nicely together!

I've left the final page blank to be filled in with a wedding photo of us- I can't wait!