Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bolivia- part two

Have you ever wanted to feel like a superstar? This is a little taste of what it is like-you walk into a childcare center full of children that are dying to be held. They all reach their hands up and want you to hold them. It is the most precious, yet overwhelming, feeling in the world. We visited Madre de Dios and their FREE childcare center, as well as the residential part for pre-adolescent and adolescent girls.

Just a picture I snapped at the convent in Tarata...

The auto celebration- There was a party (someday I'll figure out how to upload a video...) with music, confetti, food, and alcohol. ALL because people bought new cars. Seriously- Bolivians know how to celebrate everything and enjoy each moment of life. When I buy a car, I want a party. Please!

The dogs and cats in America have no idea how good they have it...

I don't know what it is about these pots, but I took about 10 pictures of them. I love them.

A taste of life outside the city- countryside between Cochabamba and Tarata

Church in Quillacolla. It was beautiful inside and out. There were also ceremonies/celebrations happening outside this church today- celebrating the Saints. One family brought their statue of who I believe was St. Isidore the Farmer, saint of farmers and rural communities. Their statue was blessed and then confetti thrown and music played loudly. They then paraded out of town with their Saint. There were other families there as well.

Lunch today was nothing less that spectacular. They had parrots and toucans on site and I also go to feed an alpaca. This place was beautiful and the flowers were amazing. A little slice of heaven in the countryside of Bolivia.

These pictures and stories are not in order, just what stands out to me at the end of a day. Hope you enjoy them and you know I look forward to scrapping these pictures!!!


beckyjune said...

These are amazing...yes, they celebrate everything. Any reason to do so and they're game. The children there are the most beautiful thing. I saw so many who were so poor, though, and it made me so sad. I remember a family whose kids would go up and down the street selling misc. animal parts to get money for food for the day. The poverty is horrific in some parts. I hope that you don't have to see very much of that. Yes, the animals are sad- you should see the dogs in Santa Cruz- so many of them have skin diseases and they look so pathetic. And you'll see cows and goats and chickens and sheep running all over the place. The picture of the countryside that you shared reminds me of Sucre.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like you're really having an amazing experience! Wait, you're still there, right? But you're posting from there? If so, I'm impressed! If not, I'm still impressed, 'cause looks like an amazing trip!

Brittney said...

Beautiful photos. The one of the children is so precious! And the animals.. awe.. I just want to take them all home. So sad.

Pam said...

Bolivia looks like such a beautiful country. I would want to take every one of those children home with me. How precious! And seeing those dogs and cats just makes my heart ache. TFS!