Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bolivia- part three

Today we visited the cemetery. On Sundays, mass amounts of people come to the cemetery to place fresh flowers at the tombs or burial site of their loved ones. The process is very intentional and really had a huge impact on me today. As we arrived, we saw the beautiful flower stand- almost any kind of flower you could want! It was fragrant and beautiful, so many bright colors!

I am sure that my close friends and family already know the type of flower I bought...two bunches for 14 Bolivianos...around $2.00.

As we entered the cemetery, a large, colorful statue of Jesus appeared and it was as if He were saying "Welcome, my loved ones".

This statue really spoke to me today. It was very moving to see such an image.
I'd like to give a shout out to my girl Koren, she reminded me a bit of you and your love for Christ. Just beautiful!

This angel also spoke to me, I love the delicate why she is holding her flowers.

Today's experience really inspired me to keep my loved ones closer, even after they have passed. I was appalled at myself for how I have not gone to visit my loved one's burial sites in a very long time. Something I intend on doing is establishing my own rituals meant to honor my relatives and friends that are both living and deceased.

How do you honor your loved ones? When was the last time you did something special in honor or memory of a loved one?

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Tracy said...

This is a sweet post. There are so many traditions, rituals and beleifs practiced all over the world, isn't it so interesting.