Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick Update!

I've not gone missing- just having a bit of a time crunch at the end of my last semester of classes. I have taken THREE standardized exams that will either prove or disprove my ability to be a good counselor. I passed Comps with flying colors and I'm still waiting on my scores for the NCE and Praxis II. Passing Comps means I can graduate in May, the other two exams are required for licensure and can be retaken if needed.

I'm so ready for the end of this semester- to have a bit of time off and prepare for my full time internship next semester. One thing I will not miss- 2 hours in my car everyday.

Wedding planning is going well and Ry and I had our engagement session today with Misty and Ryan from Pixels on Paper. I'm so glad that they will be shooting us the whole way through to our wedding day- including my bridal portraits. Here is a shot that my mother took today:

I'll have some scrappy updates soon!


hippy_chick said...

You sound really busy, take it easy, & make sure you fit in some "me" time, good luck, chick!!

melissac said...

Yikes you are one busy lady!!! I hope it all wraps up soon so you can relax. Absolutely love your engagement photos!! Hugs!!

Tracy said...

Cute photo.
I agree take some time for you, even if its a bit of time.