Monday, October 11, 2010

Scrappy: Rugby Match

This past weekend I was honored to be in the finals of Nook University. I was able to complete a ton of projects that I'm proud of. I have learned a lot about style and adding details to my projects. I've had these pictures for a while, but haven't really been inspired to scrap them. As a part of the finals we had a challenge every hour for 24 hours and the final one was to scrap a sports layout.

Here is mine:

I used the September Nook kit- I have bits and pieces of it left and I love it when I can actually use all of the paper I get- no room to hoard!


Berenice R. said...

So nice scrapbook page :)

Tracy said...

Nice layout.
Wow a challenge every hour. It takes me a couple days to complete on 2 page spread LOL

LG said...

Hi sweetie!

Thank you very much for leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog. You are such a doll and I really appreciate you spending some of your precious time viewing my post.

I do apologize for not being able to visit that often. I love your blog and the inspiration is overflowing. Keep it up! Keep creating those gorgeous projects. Have a great week!!!!


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