Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day Two of Classes

Yesterday I attended two classes. I am taking Counseling Theories and Techniques and Gestalt Therapy on Tuesdays. I'm so excited about each class for completely different reasons. Theories and Techniques is going to give me an overview and understanding about a variety of Counseling Theories and Techniques. There is a lot of reading, and a paper that I'm looking forward to writing. Seriously. My second class is an experience in being real and present in a counseling setting, but I feel that it is more applicable to daily life. It is more like a 3 hour group session than a class. I'm so excited for what this semester holds.

Today I have a course in Expressive Arts Therapy and Friday I begin Therapeutic Writing.

I am anticipating a year of growth and change in my future.

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ellie said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your Expressive Arts Therapy class...because that just sounds ultra-cool.....and I'm guessing it involves lots of hands-on creativity!