Monday, December 15, 2008

What color are you?

I ran across this site that matches you with a color based on your birth month and day.
I am apparently INFLUENTIAL, COMMANDING, and ORIGINAL. I like it.

It also goes on to say:
You are quick-witted and people seem to be drawn to you. You want to express your talents in significant ways. It is important that you have some private time for yourself even though the career you choose may mean that you are surrounded by the public. Being by the water or ocean is soothing to your spirit. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Burlwood reminds you that you do not always have to be on call for others and encourages you to reserve some quiet time for yourself.


Anonymous said...

"October 18th

Being the best is often a calling for those born on this day. You have an unusual depth of purpose that has to be channeled. There is natural disinterest in anything average. Colorful and expressive, wallflowers need not apply. A structured program is needed to help reach your destination. Remind yourself to appreciate the softer notes and experiences that make up a life. Similar to a piece of music, we need many parts to create something beautiful. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Light Lilac gives you the strength to endure as you encounter the more mundane parts of the journey that are there no matter how high the goal or reward."

I suppose, with any online survey, I agree and disagree.

"You have an unusual depth of purpose..."

I agree. I believe I know my purpose because I know what makes me truly happy. I watch the sky every night, but I don't feel small in an ever-expanding universe because I am a part of it nonetheless.

I strongly disagree with the next phrase: "A natural disinterest in anything average." If average constitutes as a 9-to-5 pencil-pusher routine, then yes, I cannot stand it. However, I find that beauty has flaws and flaws can be beautiful. For example, one girl I dated had a birthmark on the top of her forehead that I thought was adorable. She caught me glancing at it once during conversation and when she inquired, I pulled my hair back to show that I had a striking similar mark on my mine.

"Colorful, expressive. Wallflowers need not apply."

I consider myself mild-mannered (especially compared to my family), however I love to express myself through improv and other art forms occasionally. What I like best about improv is that you can bring real-life situations into a scene and your fellow members will help you resolve that conflict. I am very open to new experiences, especially if I have someone else with me. I'm typically a wallflower or mingle-er at social events, even though I enjoy organizing them.

"A structured program..."
This one is up in the air. I work well with itineraries and can accomplish tasks in a timely fashion (despite my extended stay at college :p). However, I realize things rarely go according to plan and I'm comfortable making decisions on the spot.

"Appreciate the softer notes..."

This is something I don't have to be told. It can go along with my earlier birthmark comment. The term "sweet nothings" doesn't apply to me. I easily remember compliments more often than insults and I do my best to take nothing for granted. Some of my favorite memories consist of simply existing with someone else. Time is the greatest gift you can give.

"Surrounding yourself with Light Lilac..."

Sad to say, I do not own any lilac clothing. However, I thought it was somewhat coincidental that I had a romantic dream with a vivid lilac/pink-ish couch just within the last few weeks. I believe I am a patient individual and I realize that my goals will take time if they are to happen. I think I would be happier if I develop my self and my talents over time and then share them with the world. To help clarify, I hold older, longer-term performers like Lewis Black, George Carlin, Don Rickles, etc. to a much higher respect than young, physically-attractive, cookie-cutter types such as Dane Cook and the like.

My hat goes off to you if you read and processed that entire entry. I hope you can relate and learned more about me as you went along. It was nice to reflect upon myself. Thank you for sharing Colorstrology. Take care, Rach :)


Rheart said...

Thanks for your lovely response. Maybe you should be the blogger and I the comment leaver. :P