Monday, June 7, 2010

Scrappy: Cristo de la Concordia

This month's challenge at Scrap Our Stash is to stitch on your projects. Luckily for me, faux stitching was included in the challenge! I had a run in with a sewing machine in middle school. My homeroom teacher was the Home Economics teacher and so before school would start she would have me help with some projects. One of the projects was to make a bajillion bean bags for the PE teacher. I must have sewn every morning for two weeks. One morning a boy snuck up behind me and I ran my finger through the machine. It wasn't a terrible injury, but I have pretty much avoided sewing machines ever since.

The journaling reads: "Cristo de la Concordia is one of two "protectors" in Cochabamba. While I enjoyed seeing the statue up close, I really loved looking Him from afar- I felt safe and always protected. 11 Mayo 2010"

I was inspired by this Page Maps sketch by Becky Fleck:

I loved the sketch, but had to modify it to fit with my 8.5x11 style. I like to scrap in 12x12, but a lot of the time I feel overwhelmed by all of that room. I like keeping things simple, which in the long run saves me money and supplies!

Do you have any money saving tips?


Joni Parker said...

This is really nice...and what a good choice of sketches for the subject matter (cross design!)... Ouch...with the sewing machine story!!

Terry Oulboub said...

You know I love to sew but I'm just too darn lazy to drag out my sewing machine so it is collecting dust for me - at least you have a real excuse to avoid sewing! Ouch, is right! But the LO is gorgeous and you really are a sweetheart - your I'm Worthy Lo is fabulous as well - love the journaling. AND...thank you for stopping by my blog to say such sweetness, making me feel good - I really appreciate it! :)

Tracy said...

Your layout is perfect for that sketch. I love to sew, just havent' had time lately. I have only sewed once on a layout, not my thing. But I do like the look.

melissac said...

Beautiful LO!! I love the colors you used!! Blessings and Hugs!