Friday, January 22, 2010

Serious Blog Neglect

School has started back, work has picked up again, and I'm trying to workout EVERYDAY without excuses. I'm exhausted when I get home and have my nose crammed in a book during most of my free time. All of my classes are heavy on the reading this semester, most of which I'm enjoying, but some is so very dry (ie: Tests and Measurements).

I've done little by way of creating, and I tried yesterday, but my mojo needs a jumpstart. I worked on a Valentine's Day present and I'm happy with it so I think I just need to sit down with my scrap stuff more often.

Here is layout about my goal (not resolution) for 2010. I want to run a 5k (or two) this year and I'm not allowing myself to have any excuses.

I already have another post lined up and need to take some pictures of some other projects. I'm back in the blogging saddle!

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